jueves, 25 de agosto de 2011

Black Ops multiplayer cracked || alterOps

A few days ago an alterOps ALPHA was released, however, to be able to play some requeriments are needed.

1-. To be registered on aIW BEFORE february 22, 2011.
2-. To have 25 posts or comments.

it's recomended to follow the instructions given at . but if you are too lazy to go there look down:

1-. To have an steam version of the game (original or cracked).
2-. Download the file aO.rar (at the end of the post).
3-. Copy the files inside aO.rar to the game folder.
4-. Execute alterOps.exe (as administrator) to verify that you have the last version.
5-. Execute BlackOpsMP.exe
6-. Login with your aIW username and password
7-. Play!

Optional: if you want the DLC maps.

1-. Download the file 4DLCBO.rar (at the end of the post)
2-. Copy  the files of the bo.dlc folder (inside 4DLCBO.rar) to the cracked game folder.

aO.rar + 4DLCBO.rar



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Zavkp dijo...

Depositfiles' link for aO.rar in case you can't download it from the mirrors above.